Wessel Wessels

Wessel Wessels is a livelong weather enthusiast, researcher, and home weather station owner.

With over 15 years of experience in owning a wide variety of home/personal weather stations, and thousands of hours researching almost every possible meteorological subject, he's aim is to share his knowledge with a wider audience.

His goal is to make meteorology more accessible and interesting to the general public, students, and fellow weather enthusiasts. 

By writing on a broad range of weather-related subjects and providing a clear but also understandable insight into different weather phenomena, occurrences, and other related topics, he aims to create a better understanding of our atmosphere and everything that happens in it.

He strongly believes that the more we know about our weather and climate, the impact it has on us, and also how we affect it, the better we will be prepared to not only cope and adjust to future weather and climate shifts but also take more responsibility for the role we play in it.